Montana Blues traveling

Montana blues in indiana

Now my new novel has wandered into Indiana, thanks to two eccentric Joes — Joe Rhodes (a semi-retired writer for major magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, somehow living in a van traveling North America for the last 14 years), and Joe Vitti (a semi-retired photographer for major newspapers including the LA Times and the Indianapolis Star, now living in Indiana). Here are pix of the Joes and the van in Indiana, and the van’s roaming to the California desert. Thanks, Joes!

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montana blues with tom zoellner

A nice surprise — my new novel showed up in the hands of Tom Zoellner during Tom’s August 9 online talk for the Border Community Alliance. Tom is based in the L.A. area, and I was watching his talk on my computer, enjoying his remarks about his eighth book, Rim to River: Looking into the Heart of Arizona. Suddenly he’s recommending my novel to the audience, saying that Montana Blues is “really outstanding fiction … a fast-moving, suspenseful story.” Tom is an Editor-at-Large for the Los Angeles Review of Books, along with teaching as an English prof at Chapman University. Kindness is one of his traits. Thanks, Tom.

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