In Montana Blues — published by Writers Canyon Press in 2023 — an out-of-place Black man and a White Montana horsewoman deal with racial violence on a spectacular landscape.

Early reviews include:

“White-knuckle whodunit … ratchets up the suspense while developing a surprisingly potent emotional dynamic between well-drawn leads.” — Publishers Weekly

“Compulsively readable new thriller … Ring’s flair for fully-realized characters and smart dialog is on display here; combined with fast-paced action, this is propulsive storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” — The Arizona Daily Star

“Dives into White nationalism that has been simmering in Montana and Idaho for decades … lots of ‘I didn’t see that coming’ moments … the story stays with you.” — Mountain Journal

“An intriguing mystery … (with) two hearty characters … pulls right from the current headlines about race and human rights (and) hate against a backdrop of constant snowfall in a harsh Montana winter … vivid descriptions.” Montana Quarterly

“Really outstanding fiction … a fast-moving, suspenseful story.” — Tom Zoellner, author of eight widely respected books and Editor-at-Large, Los Angeles Review of Books

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In Arizona Kiss — published by Little, Brown and Company in 1991 — an ambitious newspaper photographer teams up with a troubled woman to investigate illegal dogfights, a vicious sport.

Reviews include:

“A well-crafted tale of sexual obsession, treachery and violence … in its own distinctive shade of noir.” — Times Literary Supplement, London

“A rattlesnake of a book: its plot curves and coils and finally strikes, unforgettably.” — Barbara Kingsolver, Pulitzer-Prize-winning literary novelist

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In Peregrine Dream — published by St. Martin’s Press in 1990 — a wildlife-oriented private investigator digs into trafficking of birds, trying to retrieve a wild falcon that was illegally captured and sold.

Reviews include:

“A stylized detective mystery … fast-paced and sensuous … The intense heat of the desert, its brilliant light and color, radiate from every page.” — The San Francisco Chronicle

“Sharp characterizations, vivid nature descriptions, and love of the land are wrapped up smartly in a wellconceived plot.” — Kirkus Reviews

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In Telluride Smile — published by Dodd, Mead & Company in 1988 — a wildlife-oriented private investigator attempts to save a survivalist mountain man who’s targeted by lethal Big Brother technology. It’s a timely cinematic novel, especially good for movie-making.

Reviews include:

“A neat little detective thriller (and) a wonderfully bittersweet and entertaining satire of the state we all know and love.” — The Denver Post

“The behavior of affluent Americans in a modern ski resort is rendered flawlessly.” — Newsday

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