Montana Blues – Ray’s new novel

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A determined Black man and a spirited White woman face racial violence on a spectacular landscape. They’re a blend of hardboiled perspectives, sensitivity and caring, guts, resilience and love.

Dawson Koloko grew up playing football in a rough neighborhood of Long Beach, California. It helped him cope with a family tragedy and he’s tough enough to be recruited for the Montana State University team. He has culture shock landing in a place that’s very White and still wild.

Rose Fontaine grew up in Montana oilfields and, as she’s also wounded emotionally, she finds some relief making her living outdoors on horseback.

When a murder causes bad blood between Dawson and Rose, nevertheless they have to hunt the murderer together, dealing with White supremacists and biased cops. In the turmoil of shifting relationships, horse rides in stormy weather and an epic struggle on an almost-frozen lake, feels like everybody is on thin ice …

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